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What People Say about

Remember When . . .

"…the movie was a HUGE success, so well done, people couldn't believe it.  I'll never forget my sister-in-laws' comment after the service ended when she said, "how much did that cost?"  I remarked, "not nearly enough"!  I recall I just wanted to write you folks a check because it wasn't nearly enough for all the work and it didn't matter how much!!!

Hugs from,

--J. Morgenweck-daughter
Florence Kukla Tribute
Littleton, CO

"…you really know what you are doing…, it was such a lovely movie, and the music was perfect.  I knew it (music) well somehow with the photos, it made it more REAL."

--F. Green-husband

Mary Jane Wakabayashi-Green Tribute

"..I couldn't take my eyes off the movie you did, I thought I knew what to expect.  We enjoyed it, it meant so much words can not express."

--C. Caviness-son

Coach "Bob" Caviness Tribute

"… you did such an outstanding job,  you had the RIGHT Music with the RIGHT Photo, and we appreciate it! I want to thank you!"

--P. Caviness-sister

Coach "Bob" Caviness Tribute

Fern & Matt

Thank you for your excellent and outstanding work. You both were very patient and professional with me.


--P. Kerns-wife
Pat (Leslie) Kerns Tribute
Aurora, CO

"…so many people said it was nice to get something to take home to remember Julie.  It's amazing how fast they were ready for the service in 4 hours!  I was so thankful you too on the job in such short notice!"

--M. Hankan-sister
Bismarck, ND

"GREAT Job, it was exactly what we wanted!"

--J. Cho-son

Custom Folders-Memorial Service
Aurora, CO

"I am very pleased with the DVD Remember When did for me, it is just excellent"

--R. Ryan
   Life Story
   Abilene, TX


The color brochures for my aunt's funeral were beautiful.  You did a magnificent job on them.  My family and I were very pleased.

Gob Bless you.
--V. Beauman
   Denver, CO

I feel so fortunate to have found your web site.  I am working on a 1968 birthday party and your book was the perfect touch, I am skipping around the office.  You made my day.

--B. Bowman-Hafer
   Littleton, CO

It was good to be able to watch our "old movies" and have them in a way to use them.  Our kids had fun watching us (parents) grow-up!  I loved the music, just perfect! 

--S. Nietert
8mm film transfer
Parker, CO

Dear Fern and Matt,

We would like to thank you for the touching movie montage you guys put together for Marten's funeral service.  It was beautiful!  Also, thank you for your patience during those difficult times.

--Evelin and the Kudlis family
  Aurora, CO

"…I know my family really liked the brochure.  It is still getting RAVE REVIEWS. No one had ever seen anything quite like this before.  Thank you."

P.S. I like things that are different.

--M.E. Lawrence
Denver, CO

Matt and Fern

There just aren't enough words to express how we are so grateful and blessed we are to have you folks.  The movie was so funny and touching too.  The color program gave people something to take home to remember Aimee.  Thank you so much for all your help with our service.  The dove release at graveside was the most wonderful way to say good-bye.

--Kathy  & Brad-mother/father
 The Hatcher family
  Aurora, CO

"I am sure I speak for both my brothers and parents when I say THANKS for a terrific job.  When we showed the movie Tribute our parents there wasn't a "dry eye in the place"!  You both did a wonderful thing for us!"

Best regards.

--E. Hammersmark

Reva & Stu's
50th Wedding Anniversary
Englewood, CO

"…thank you so much for "meeting the needs of our family" and doing such an excellent job with such a moving tribute".  I certainly will be recommending you."

Ruth Russell, MD honored medical doctor

--L. Wheatley
Golden, CO

Dear Fern and Matt,

It was absolutely wonderful working with you two.  Watching the memory movie during my mother's funeral service was a moment in time I'll never forget.  You did such a beautiful job, way beyond my expectations --I love it!

--K. Smith
   Aurora, CO

I am so grateful my sister encouraged me to do the DVD.  At the time it didn't seem as if there would be a way.   We now have something we can give to our grandchildren.  It was so incredibly poignant to hear Sam's voice.  He gave of himself even in the end.  Thank you for being there and being so professional.

--J. Lewis-wife
  Sam Lewis Tribute
  Aurora, CO

Dear Fern and Matt

Your movie was so touching at Kirsten's memorial.  People kept coming up to me and saying how much enjoyed watching the review of Kirsten's life.  One man even said he wanted a funeral just like this!  I miss her (Kirsten) so much….I now enjoy watching the DVD weekly.  It's so real!

Thank you,
--B. Ward-mother
  Tribute to Kirsten Ward
  Denver, CO

Matt & Fern

Just wanted to make note of the exceptional job you did in constructing (and authoring) Dayna's college audition video.  The video depicts her personality in an amazingly "simple and elegant" manner.  The two of you are consummate professionals in your industry.  Call me anytime to make a referral!

--M.P. Tapp
  Aurora, CO

Dear Fern and Matt,
After seeing the work you had done for another family’s service I was at, I knew I had to do one for my brother’s 10th Anniversary Tribute. I was a little shaky at the time because I wanted something as wonderful as the one I had already seen. How could anything be as great, I thought? Well, I felt I could trust you and sure enough you both created a true essence of my beloved brother. I know there is some “magic” of all our hearts coming together!!! From the disc case, graphics, DiscPreserver inside all are an important bonus that is characteristic of the quality you provide.

I have watched the movie 10 times, both crying and laughing!

I believe it would be a disservice to others not to let them know what they can have as a treasure forever. “Remember When” IS to be remembered.

Thank you for helping me remember my brother in such a way befitting his life.

Again, my heartfelt thanks, You Are The Best!
E. White Copeland
10th Anniversary ~ Memorial Tribute
B. White
Dear Fern and Matt,
I am so glad we got the chance to work with you both and I wanted to thank you for your amazing dedication to our project. You have given us great comfort in this time of our sorrow. This movie is truly a wonderful tribute to dad!
Thank you,
S. van Hall and family-daughter
Memorial Tribute
P. W. Fullerton Jr.

Matt and Fern
“you took what could have been a sorrowful event for my family and made it a celebration of my father’s life.”
We are so grateful to you both.

W. Fullerton-son
Memorial Tribute
P. W. Fullerton Jr.
Dear Fern and Matt,
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my DVD. I was really concerned about how I would do and you made me LOOK SO GOOD! The music was great and I loved the tribute to my late husband, what a surprise!!! I am anxious to give copies to my children and I am sure my grandchild will love the history of our family too.
Again, thank you I know you put a lot of work in this and you did a marvelous job.

God bless you both and keep up the good work!!!
A.O. Hollemans
Grand Rapids, MI

...I couldn’t believe how everyone kept coming up to me and telling me how much they learned and enjoyed the movie. It truly was a tribute to a great man. I especially enjoyed the part where you put in the VHS clips; it was like opening a door to the past. I over heard someone say how they “wanted this kind of funeral”, it wasn’t so religious!

By the way, the CD you did for me, “Max Trax” is getting blockbuster reviews! It looks so professional and something Max would have been proud to give.

D. Winter-wife
Tribute and CD
M. Winter
Dear Fern and Matt-
Well, you have done it again!

First, we thank you once more for the wonderful job you did with the conversion of our old 8mm movie film to a DVD, and now thank you again for the equally fabulous job you did in putting our 35mm slides into a DVD format. Our precious memories are truly preserved in an entertaining and professional format for our descendants to enjoy for years to come.
Each of you, with your own special expertise, not only knows exactly what you are doing to produce the best possible product, but you are both really nice people. We believe we have two new and special friends.
Thanks again for the time you spent with us to insure our complete satisfaction with your work, and we are looking forward to the time when we can again use your superb services.

J. & V. Reichel
Slide Transfer w/Edit
Reichel Family Memories

Brad and I watched the DVD ahead of time because we wanted to be sure what we were getting into before our funeral service. I am sure glad we did, the funeral home showed the movie and forgot to turn the sound up on the movie until finally someone had to yell at them.

My only regret is we didn’t have Remember When show the movie. You guys did such a great job! The old 8mm movie pieces were a great touch! Hearing Steve’s music was a very touching part for us all. I loved the end with our brother Steve sticking his tongue out, which was sooo Steve!

S. Nelson-sister
Memorial Tribute
S. Rhea
Dear Fern and Matt,
I am so grateful l found you two! When my friend died I wanted to something special to honor her. She had given so much to me. You two put all my little pieces together and made such an impact with your skill and talent. Thank you so much for helping ease our pain with this lasting DVD!

J. Schumacher –Friend and Co-Worker
Tribute to:
P. Milton

“You helped to bring two families to together to work on a single project, which we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on our own. My daughter watches her DVD daily”. I am so glad the funeral home recommended you!

P. Konruff-grandmother
I.K. Rosado
Matt and Fern
This tribute to our parents really reminds us all how important it is to take pictures of our “older generation”. How quickly time goes by. Thanks for all your dedicated work and patience with me.

B. Sturgeon-daughter in law
Memorial Tribute
~ Two Lives Well Lived~

Everybody certainly loved the tribute to Maria. The VHS clips really added to the movie.

E. Hills-husband
Memorial Tribute
M. L. Hills
Dear Fern and Matt,
This e-mail is well over due. It has taken me a while to pull myself together. I want to sincerely thank you for the wonderful job you did in the making of my father’s tribute DVD. It was done in such a professional way and yet thorough the sadness you pulled together a tribute as if you read our minds! We gave you some music and the way you handled it truly represented my family and father! God must have been guiding you! I can’t put into words how the DVD has touched my heart. It is such a treasured memory that I have been sharing it with everyone. Sometimes I am afraid I have been watching it too much! Again thanking you from the bottom of my heart for putting this treasure together, saving my families memories, my father’s life—such a gift is priceless!
I will never forget what you have done for our family!

God Bless!
K Harris-youngest daughter
Memorial Tribute
P. A. Tague III

I just saw a DVD from my friend’s funeral service. It was fabulous, truly a wonderful gift to the family in their time of sorrow!
It was well done, each photo was unique, and came alive. I write to you so that we can do something for my parent’s
50th wedding anniversary, much like what I saw!
Can’t wait to get going!

K. Marvin
H. Schnettler Tribute
Englewood, CO
Hi Fern
Just wanted to let you know the DVD was a hit at our company’s 40th anniversary! It was fun to see my boss as never before. I had forgotten all the things in the 70’s!
The deleted scenes were hilarious!

S. Clausen-Vice President
40th Anniversary Celebration
Denver, CO

Dear Fern and Matt
The memorial movie went of very well! I couldn’t believe how people felt they had known my mother better after watching it! My dad loved the video about his “sweetheart”, he is glad he narrated his part.

A. Hermanson-daughter
Memorial Tribute
Aurora, CO
The funeral home recommend that we use your services.
I had no idea what to really expect!
Your final DVD was unbelievable, beyond belief, and fantastic!
Something I’ll have forever! Thanks to you!

J. Cochran-wife
Memorial Tribute
Aurora, CO

I just had to call you after viewing my movie that mom had transferred for us! You opened doors into our childhood I had never seen before! I can’t believe we were that hard on my little brother!
I need to call my mom next
(she’s in Arizona you know)!

…S. Stamford
8mm Transfer
Denver, CO
“Skye’s 16th birthday video was magical. His friends laughed with him and at him! Most importantly, the next morning when I awoke to Skye and his sister laughing, as they were both watching the DVD for who knows how many times! I knew then this wasn’t going to be something a “16 year old would just set aside” as just another DVD!

You made such perfect choices in music and went out of your way to make it personal! We all loved it for all different reasons.

J. Edwards-mother
Evergreen, CO

Thanks Fern and Matt,
I am so glad I helped my friend and neighbor with her husband’s tribute!
Everybody deserves to have their time marked!
That you have done!!!

…C. Stites-friend
Hans Schnettler Tribute
Centennial, CO
Matt and Fern
You were right, people just loved the DVD. We played at mother’s memorial service.
I think the part I’ll never forget is when my nephew came up to me and said he had a “crush on grandma, I didn’t know she was so beautiful”!

J. Helling
Memorial Tribute
Denver, CO

Fern and Matt
You made my mother’s autobiography a two-part DVD so we could take a break, well guess what: the show was so intense and riveting that we didn’t take our eyes off the story! Mother was in her glory. She was so worried she would forget something!
We loved it all! Mother actually said, “I love you”! Never heard it before!!!

P. Norton-daughter
Denver, CO
Fern and Matt
Words cannot thank you both so much for the hard work, time, and energy you spent to make our parents Christmas the most memorable yet!
Your kindness means the world to us.
After all these years (12-2001) We need more DVD’s!!!
All our love,

H. Galiffa
8mm Transfer
Arvada, CO

“We are very fortunate to have found you guys! Wow, yellow pages really do work! Here is to two of the most, professional, honest, friendly people.
Thank you so much for your caring and timely manner."

“excellent company, would highly recommend to my friends."

J. J. Reichel
Denver, CO
8mm Film Transfer w/Edit to DVD
“You guys have been just great! Thanks for the wonderful DVD! You captured our mom to a tee!”

J. Wiesner-daughter
Denver, CO
L. M. T. Wiesner ~ Autobiography

K.L. Sawyer
Tucson, AZ
8mm Transfer w/Edit to DVD
Dear Fern,
At long last I am writing you to say what a wonderful job you did with our “Tarzan’s Last Stand” childhood movie. I thought it had been lost years ago—it was absolute bliss to receive it from my brother this past Christmas. My kids are now the ages we were when we did this, so you can only imagine how much fun we’ve had watching it!!

Thank you, Fern. You have a special gift when you talk to people who are grieving. My mom was a wonderful person, Fern. I am grateful for my sister and daughter and so grateful for the years I had with my mom and gram. I hope your business flourishes. Your comparison is certainly right. You are the Rolls Royce and I will say other companies are the Dodge Neons. Thank you for your continual communication.
My big concern now also is that nothing happen to these DVD's so please tell me you'll always have it stored so I can get copies whenever I want. This DVD means the entire world to my sister and me, Fern. Thank you so much. She's playing her DVD, and I'm playing mine too; many times a day. Maybe that's not such a good thing, but it makes me feel like my mom is still here. Thank you, Fern. Will I always be able to get copies, right?
(Yes, just let us know)

Thank you so much,
S. May-daughter
Lancaster, CA
M. C. Phillips ~ Memorial Tribute
Presentation Event
By Remember When...
Telly Award
Tea Party
August 10th 2006
Dearest Fern and Matt,
What a lovely surprise to be with two well deserving artists!! Our tea celebrating the Telly award was fabulous and I’ve never had such a luxurious experience!

R. Beshore-friend
Denver, CO
In Honor of Helen K. Roth
Telly Award 2006
Dear Matt and Fern,
Thank you so much for the surprise tea party, complete with limo escort, period costumes, champagne and roses! My “little mom” I know loves the idea of her tribute winning the Telly Award, which my congratulations go to you dear friends!
M. Holben-daughter
Lakewood, CO
Helen K. Roth tribute
Telly Award winner 2006

C. H. Roscow-18th Birthday Celebration
Lakewood, CO
Dear Fern and Matt,
Your Remember When tributes are truly meaningful works of art! I laughed, cried, and had several epiphanies all from watching that video! It’s enlightening to see my parents as young people introducing new life (me) all overwhelmed, and vulnerable simultaneously. thanks so much for your role in helping make my birthday so special!
“you were pleasant, kind, knowledgeable and readily available.
It has been a very great pleasure to
work with you.”

I. Gurinink-pastor
Englewood, CO
D. Dietz Memorial Service

Dear Fern and Matt,
After all these years, I am so thankful to tribute my brother (John's) life and tell his story.
You both made my dream come to life, in such a beautiful way.

Love from,

Diane and Ron
… Aurora, CO
J.A. Hagan ~ 50th Anniversary Tribute
Remember the pain in the neck from Dayton,
Ohio that kept bugging you?
I went to the post office Oct. 7th and they couldn't find the Remember When Booklet. In the mean time we pick up our held mail....and lo and behold the booklet was there. It was postmarked just like you said 9/29.
I immediately sent it and today I got a lovely note from her.
She said: Dear Dee,
Your gift of 1916 Pages of Time is one of the neatest and most unusual gifts I have ever seen. I didn't know I was born the same year as two of my favorite people.

I just want to thank Remember When again for all of your trouble.....I really appreciated it.

Dayton, OH
Fern & Matt
Words cannot convey the fantastic job you did on my mother’s 90th birthday party movie and the fantastic presentation of it!
My mother said she wanted to watch the movie “all night long”! You were right the 10 foot screen and sound you provided was a big deal and mother loved every minute of it!
At first I thought I was crazy to spend so much on 15 minutes, however, you gave of yourselves the whole evening. Seeing my mother relish in the moment was worth every dime!
Thank you again and God Bless.

...S. Davis-daughter
E. Peppers 90th Birthday Celebration

Remember When . . .
Filmed the funeral service to
Ft. Logan National Cemetery
The Dietz Family

Remember When . . .
Is Proud to have served the Dietz family.
Helping to remember one of our fallen Hero’s.
Danny P. Dietz Jr. from Colorado
Navy Seal killed in Afghanistan
Remember When . . .
Is Proud to have served the Dietz family.
Helping to remember one of our fallen Hero’s.
Danny P. Dietz Jr. from Colorado
Navy Seal killed in Afghanistan
I am Cindy Dietz Mother of Danny,
our family would like to thank you from the depths of our hearts for your beautiful work you do and for taping our Son's services from beginning to end. The precious DVD is truly amazing and done wonderfully. It is appreciated, loved and emotional. God has truly blessed you with a very special talent that brings great joy to all who come in contact with your wonderful work.
May you continually be blessed by God.

Our Love to You,
The Dietz Family
Danny Sr., Cindy, Tiffany & Eric.

Again, Thank you so much!
C. Owen-Sister, Wycoff Family
Dear Fern,
I was just listening to my brother's memorial service and thought of you.
We were going to attempt to make another video from all of the photo's and video clippings we have here. Unfortunately no one could pull it together. So we used the DVD you had made and everyone loved it. I'm glad we were able to share the wonderful work you and Matt had done on the project with the rest of the family and friends here in Michigan.
I think you know how important you are to my family now. You have touched so many lives with your kindness and with your extreme talent for capturing Bob's life and our feelings. After doing the video for my daughter. I can appreciate what you have done, so much more! haha! We had time to do our video and it wasn't as good as yours. You achieved a miracle in so little time.We are so very grateful to you and Matt for your talents and your care in making my brother's movie a gift that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.
“…our kids didn’t realize how good they really had it until one of their kids said to them…Mom you guys really had it made out their on the farm”
The movie was the hit of the day, there were lots of hugs, tears, and most impressed was my ex-wife. We all loved it and consider it a priceless possession! The movie got rave reviews. And here it is in black in white.”

--The Sieve Family
8mm Transfer to DVD

Telly award Winning Memorial Movie Tribute
Kurt V. Roscow
Dear Fern and Matt,
I am the father of LeAnne Roscow, a courageous young woman who led an incredibly positive life for 18 years. She died in April awaiting an organ for heart transplant.
Fern and Matt did their work/magic like angels, without disruption or distortion to our days following the death of our daughter. When we watched the DVD in our church sanctuary during the Memorial Service we were moved beyond belief. From a handful of pictures, videos, memorabilia, and short interviews with family and friends they created a tribute to the loving life of our precious daughter. We have watched the DVD countless times since and provided copies to friends and family. Their work continues to provide needed healing and celebration of a life so well lived, albeit shorter than we would have chosen.
Congratulations to you both for receiving the Telly award. It speaks highly of your talent!
While I am proud of my daughter for selecting raw material for the DVD, it was your skill & judgment that melded into this work of art!

Debra, Kurt, and Claire
Family of LeAnne H. Roscow

Thanks Remember When for a Great Job! Little did we know from when you first joined us 2 years ago you could do not only sound engineering, you could also do camera work! IMEG Magnification was a great improvement to our auction and made for the Best yet!

S. Hanson
Praying Hands Ranch
Parker, Colorado

RotaryClub of Aurora
50th Anniversary Celebration
“we had the largest turn-out for our 50th Anniversary, people made extra efforts to see the film Remember When had produced. The movie not only showed our struggle as a club, over-coming difficulties, our purpose, who we are, it will be a great asset in encouraging new members to join.”
“we knew it touched their hearts, when we saw grown men cry”
“They do an excellent job with the service.
It helps the families through the grief cycle
because they have had a part in putting it together.”

A. Braswell-Funeral Director
General Manager
Dear Fern and Matt:
I would like to thank you for making the movie of my late nephew, Sheldon D. Taylor. I speak for many family members, that these remembrances of him will be treasured for years to come.
And most importantly, Sheldon’s baby brother will be able to see who is big brother was. He will be able to look at the Movie as he matures and is able to understand more about life and death.
Memorial Movie Tribute & Filming of Service

Debra Jackson

“my husband was so surprised at all the history and heritage of the tree—he thought it was just another choir!”

West High School Alumni Singing Christmas Tree
The Story of a Singing Tree 2004
“my brother sang solo on the tree in 1971, he has since passed, what a joy you have given us to hear his voice from the old record you converted to CD”

West High School Alumni Singing Christmas Tree
The Story of a Singing Tree 2004

Thanks so much to both of you for the grand job you did on "Remembering Dennis."
We especially enjoyed the way you brought his interest in cars and racing to life. There's no way we could have either imagined it or done it ourselves!!!
Our whole family is sharing the experience and your expertise with everyone we know. Now that we have one life history on tape, the possibilities are endless.

20th Anniversary Tribute
R. Biersack - Mother
Aurora, CO
Fern and Matt!
The response to the Video was great! Of course,"I"got most of the accolades! Our dear friends kept repeating", Whoever put your work together did an incredible job!"
Larry was overwhelmed and amazed. The best part, which is SOOOOO unreal, is the piece you put in that started the 50th birthday segment. That tune was the FIRST tune Larry mastered on his Trumpet!!!!
Can't thank you enough for your great work and care given us.

You guys are great!! Hang on!!
Love, Hol
60th Birthday Suprise
H. Nessel

Dr. B. G. Hoffman
Professor of Anthropology
Parker, CO
Dear Fern & Matt,
I've just finished watching the wonderful film you made about my father and I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul - what a beautiful tribute it is!!
I didn't want to contact you until I'd seen it, and it's just today that I've been able to make the temporal and emotional space to do so. Very very moving.
You have done a mighty work here - may the blessings be returned to you five-fold!
With love and gratitude,
I have finally had an opportunity to view the DVDs you and Matt Produced on my parents. You have done an outstanding job and I am very pleased with both the quality and the content!!! Thank you very much,

J.D. Strohm
Farell-Roeh Group, LLC
"Times of Our Lives"
Strohm Autobiography

"...those who attended, without exception, had nothing but praise for the most impressive service I have ever attended. I will never forget it or Jerome."
B. Biffle-Teacher/Counselor
Memorial Movie Tribute to J. C. Biffle
“You did an outstanding job with the pictures.
I think it was a wonderful Celebration
of my uncles’ life!”
W. S. Johnson
J.W. Coker, Jr. - Memorial Tribute
“You did an outstanding job with the pictures.
I think it was a wonderful Celebration
of my uncles’ life!”

W. S. Johnson
J.W. Coker, Jr. - Memorial Tribute
". . . we were just astonished at the quality and make up of the film!!
Thank you for all your Efforts!!"
R. Dunn
"My Memories in Carpentry"
“We want to thank both of you for the GREAT job you did on our movie! After meeting both of you and working with you,
We knew it was going to be wonderful and it was!!! We’re also VERY glad you were there with your equipment and expertise
To take care of showing the movie. It was a deeply meaningful experience to “walk down memory lane” and be reminded of some of the most important events in our lives.
With Fond Gratitude,

D.J. Templin 50th Wedding Anniversary

Fern & Matt:
“ The two of you have been my Guardian Angels!
Your Spirit helped me stay strong. Thank You!
Love & Peace be with you forever!”
M. J. Sims - Daughter
M. J. Talley - Movie Tribute