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King brings extensive experience in the film production business to Remember When TM. He has worked as a production technician for Disney and other Hollywood concerns, plus has been involved in numerous film and production projects in the Denver area during his filmmaking career. Bray, described by a local newspaper reporter as "a homegrown Barbara Walters," is the interviewer. She guides clients through a list of more than 150 questions designed to jog the memory and get across just who the person really is. This is a gift that no other film or video company can duplicate.

Matt King: Owner
Fern Bray: Owner

The Story of a Singing Christmas Tree
West High School Alumni Choir 2004
Aired on KBDI Ch 12 in 2005 & 2006
Dec 23, 4am (MST)
Dec 25, 5pm (MST)
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As Featured In:
2005 Telly Award
For LeAnne Hollemans Roscow
Memorial Tribute
2006 Telly Award
For Helen K. Roth
Memorial Tribute

27th Annual Telly Award
Denver Business Journal
August 5-11 2005

Aurora Chamber Of Commerce Impact
August 2005

The Rocky Mountain News
Sept. 23, 2003

The Body of Christ News
May 2003

The Sunday Denver Post
Dec. 23, 2001

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The Denver Post
Innovations & Ideas
Sunday July 31, 2005


Denver Business Journal
August 5-11, 2005